Bathroom Valve

Bathroom Valve is often used to direct flow, cut off water entry, avoid backflow, and regulate water pressure inside a system. Homeowners may use valves to separate parts of pipes for maintenance or to cut off a water line when a leak appears.

Bathroom Tap
Bathroom tap is used or fixed on the bathrooms. The tap is opened for collecting the water for bathing purpose. The tap is easy to open and has sturdy body, which does not break with mild hand force. 

Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom accessories are important bathroom items that help in making the bathrooms organized and provides convenience to the people. They also enhance the look of bathrooms.

Toilet Flush Cistern
Toilet flush cistern is fixed in the toilets. The cistern helps in conserving the water and reducing the bad odor. it is a big container kind of toilet item, used in connection with the flush. 

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
Automatic sanitizer dispenser is the accessory that provides the sanitizer or liquified soaps for cleaning hands. It has sensor technology. It helps in reducing the chances of cross contamination. 

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